Monday, January 23, 2006

Arctic Monkeys | Coming to Montreal | Mar 22nd | UPDATE

When it rains it pours and it looks like I'm going to be making yet another drive through the farmland of southern Quebec.

I could have just stuck this as an update in my last post but I think it deserves extra attention. On March 22nd, Arctic Monkeys will be playing La Sala Rossa in Montreal.

Their full-length debut has been leaked like a Chinese dam and it's getting rave reviews. I've been running through it about once a day for the last two weeks or so. It's one of those rocking albums that make you want to jump around like a moron. I imagine hearing the songs while packed into a small club with a bunch of fellow fans would make for a mighty fine show.

I just tried calling the club and they said they don't sell the tickets for the shows. We have to get them through However, I just checked the site and they show isn't listed yet. I guess they are waiting for the album to release in late January and all of the main stream press to hit.

All of the US/Canada tour dates are available on Brooklyn Vegan.

Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance (courtesy of Stereogum)
Arctic Monkeys | When the Sun Goes Down (courtesy of Tonight Let's Dance)

UPDATE: As a result of their growing popularity, the Arctic Monkeys show on March 22nd has been moved from La Sala Rossa to the 1,200 person capacity Le Spectrum. Additionally, tickets are now on sale via TicketPro. It would have been a blast to see them in a tiny room like La Sala Rossa but getting tickets for the show won't be the mad scramble now. Plus, Le Spectrum is a good room and they don't seem to oversell the place. When we saw Calexico/I&W there last month, it was sold out but we were able to make our way up to about 10 feet from the stage. It should be a good show.


K. said...

Maybe you, me, and JDS are rolling to this show together?

Jim said...

Count me as being on the Arctic Monkeys bandwagon.

Flatlander said...


Welcome aboard. I think it's going to get crazy crowded on the bus soon but there's still plaenty of room roght now.


Sounds good. It's going to be a tough ticket to snag but if all three of us are trying, we should have some luck. Plus, I have a friend who may also want to go. He had called me a week or so ago to talk about them and I shared a copy of their album with him. However, I haven't heard back from him yet.

nika said...

nice show, I'll be there.
Sala Rossa is an awesome small venue. Hope to see you there.

gspm said...

Durn. Saw the venue change info today and am disappointed that they aren't playing in the smaller venue now (how great would that have been - says I, tickets acquired 18 Jan).

Though if the bigger venue is still a good venue (I've never been there) then there is still room for optimism.