Monday, January 09, 2006

Belle & Sebastian | New Pornographers | Pink Martini | Coming to Montreal

Latitude 44.2N has a great post up right now about the current state of indie rock shows in Burlington as opposed to Montreal. He also has a nice list of upcoming concerts for both cities that are worth checking out.

Just to add to his list of upcoming shows in Montreal, on Feb 26th, the great double-bill of Belle & Sebastian and The New Pornographers will be playing at Metropolis. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet and when I called the box office they said they didn't know when they would be going on sale. The lady suggested that we just continue to hit "refresh" on their show calendar until it pops up. I guess it's easy to get cranky when your fielding phone calls from jerks like me all day butchering their language and begging for show info.

Also coming to Metropolis in February is Pink Martini. I've never seen them live but I like their disc Sympathique. However, I've heard they are a fun live show. Unfortuantely, the shows (Feb 20th & Feb 21st) are the same week as the B&S|New Pornographers hootenany. There is no way, I'm dragging my ass to Montreal twice in the same week. Plus, it's a busy time of the year for me at work.

A little closer to home, the constantly-touring Of Montreal is coming to Dartmouth's Fuel Rocket Club on March 6th. Just to remind everyone of the how much you'll spend on tickets and drinks at The Fuel Rocket Club...$0.00. Gratis, baby! Since the students are still on break from school, the site for The Fuel Rocket Club hasn't been updated with the spring semester shows. However, Pitchfork is there to prove that I'm not a liar.

By the way, tickets for shows at Higher Ground can now be bought at Riverwalk Records in Montpelier. I don't know what fees they are charging but I doubt it's more than ordering them over the phone or web ($1.75 per ticket). Plus, if it's a busy show, you won't have to deal with will call.

One last note, if you were impressed that Feist was playing a venue as large as Le Spectrum, prepare to collapse. According to Metropolis' website, due to heavy demand for tickets, the show has been moved to Metropolis which holds 2,300 people. Now, that's what I call a town that loves its indie rock.

Belle & Sebastian | Act of the Apostle (courtesy of An Aquarian Drunkard)
The New Pornographers | Use It (courtesy of m3 online)
Of Montreal | Disconnect the Dots (courtesy of You Ain't No Picasso)

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Nick said...

a few more indie rockin shows announced for HG

The Books in May
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in April

hopefully we'll see some more as the season rolls on