Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Those Crazy New Yorkers

Here's a link dump involving a bunch of New Yorkers:

First up is an artist in NYC who decided to hang his art himself in The Brooklyn Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Natural History. His pieces were discovered and removed within a few days from the NY Met and MoMA but the other pieces stuck around for a while. I bet you could try that at Shelburne Museum and it would be around for months.

I'm about a month late on anything dealing with John Lennon's assassination but this audio clip is still worthwhile. It's a interview segment from Mike & the Mad Dog on WFAN that explains how the nation learned about the tragedy from Howard Cosell during Monday Night Football. The story is interesting and is a good reminder of how different things were before the 24-hour news channels.

I don't know what is more entertaining...this story of a guy buying a carp in a Chinese market to set it free in the East River...or the ensuing fight in the comments section over the guy's ethics and judgement.

In some sort of bizarre Dr. Moreau cross between The Real World and Baseball Tonight, the station that broadcasts the Yankees in NYC (YES) is looking for a few nutters to live in a house with other nutters and attend all 162 Yankee games this year. I love the Yankees but this may be the equivalent of getting someone to stop smoking cigars by forcing them to smoke a whole box in a closet. By the way, I like the questions on the third page of the application.

What would you do if you saw a suicide jumper on a ledge? What would you do if you saw a suicide jumper on a ledge four feet off the ground? Well, the hilarious NYC improv troupe Improv Everywhere decided to find out how people would react to such a scene. By the way, Improv Everywhere is the group that pulled off The Best Gig Ever gag on the Burlington band, Ghosts of Pasha.

I don't think this girl is from New York but it's still an amazing video to watch. It would take me about ten minutes to do what she does in 7.43 seconds. Unfortunately for her, she's been blessed with a completely unmarketable talent. Perhaps she should try out for the World's Fastest Drummer competition.


spinachdip said...

FYI: the guy who buys and releases the fish is Jake Bronstein from the fourth season of Road Rules.

Jim said...

I occasionally read the Wooster Collective and remember seeing that piece on Banksy. Gotta love it.

c said...

great stuff. i live in nyc and all this was news to me.
the improv guys pulled a u2 gig gag, too, at one point, i believe.

Tmoore said...

I saw ghost of pasha once, and they are the greatest band ever. Cough, weeze, on another note i'm totally trippin on this cold and flu medication.

Flatlander said...

Tmoore, is your coughing and weezing related to your illness or your prior sentence? I'm guessing its the latter which is the impression I've gotten from Ghosts of Pasha based upon that story and a few tracks I've heard from them.

cj howareya said...

When I was at UCLA in the mid 80s (wheeeze) some studen installed his own sculpture in the sculpture garden.

There was a sculpture there called "Lot's Wife" and this guy installed a piece next to it entitled "Lotsa Wife."

It was brass or some metal and it was pretty cool. It was basically a man and a woman having sex, but it was so hectic it looked as if the the man had sprinted toward the woman and they coupled in mid-air. She seemed to be enjoying it, if I recall correctly.

They spotted that rather quickly.