Friday, May 04, 2007


Wilco has scheduled an outdoor show this summer in Vermont with Low in support of their 6th studio album, Sky Blue Sky.

I've yet to see a show at Shelburne Museum, but I'm pretty psyched. Beyond being a pretty big fan of both Wilco and Low (whom I would of never imagined sharing a bill), I love outdoor shows and Shelburne Musuem is a pretty awesome place with it's spot overlooking Lake Champlain to the High Peaks of NY.

History Lesson Tangent: The Museum is primarily the collection of Electra Havemeyer Webb, grandaughter of the mighty powerful Vanderbilt and family to other great industrialists. Given the lineage, it isn't surpising that when she collected things, she went big. Shelburne Museum's collection of Americana is housed within the property's real jewels, a collection of 18th- and 19th-century buildings from New England including houses, barns, a meeting house, a one-room schoolhouse, a lighthouse, a jail, a general store, a covered bridge, and the 220-foot steamboat.

The tickets are pretty steep at 40 bucks, but it's a great bill, at a great spot, and I can bring my little guy (show scheduled for 6 pm and kids under 12 are free).

Sky Blue Sky, which drops in two weeks, has been all over the internet. Click here to stream the album directly from Wilco's official website.

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