Sunday, May 20, 2007

Green Mountain Strongest Man Competition

If you've ever been flipping around the channels at odd hours, I'm sure you've stumbled upon the oddly entertaining World's Strongest Man Competition. It's a series bizarre test of the strength of numerous genetic (and likely steroid guzzling) freaks. Well, it looks like the Vermont Chapter of the American Lung Association is hosting a similar competition on June 2nd at the Champlain Valley Fair Grounds to determine the Green Mountain's Strongest Man.

This obviously begs the question of what tests of strength they'll make the competitors complete. Since the competitions always seem to take on a local bent, here's a quick list of suggestions:

  • The Patchouli Oil Barrel Toss
  • The Subaru Outback Carry
  • The Snowblower Lift
  • The Dead Moose Drag
  • Lifting Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield for Reps

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