Thursday, May 24, 2007

Changes at Seven Days

If you haven't been reading solidstate for the last few weeks, you may not be aware of the recent changes at the Burlington alternative weekly, Seven Days. Basically, Casey Rea, the Music Editor for the paper and blogger of solidstate, is fleeing the Green Mountains. I'm not 100% positive where he's going but I think it'll be warmer there. His last day is next week but he's already done writing for the paper.

The new music editor is Dan Bolles. Don't know anything about him but Casey thinks we'll like him. Who knows? However, Casey will be missed. One of the things that makes people interesting is their opinions. Not good or bad opinions but just strong opinions...and Casey has a lot of them. So, it was always a compelling reason to read his Sound Bites column, music reviews, blog posts or comments on toher blogs because he always threw a strong opinion out there regardless of whether it went with conventional though or not. Hopefully, Bolles will continue in that vein.

One change to solidstate that Bolles may be making is bringing in additional bloggers. Depending on who he brings in, that could be great or sucky. Hopefully, it'll be the former. There are lots of fun personalities though to choose from that used to leave comments on solidstate. I'm guessing it'll work out well.

Having written what sounds like a eulogy, it should be noted that Casey ain't cyber-dead. He's staked out a new blog called The Contrarian where he promises to continue his Contrarian's Corner podcast and shed light on a wider variety of topics. That should be some good reading.

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casey said...

Awww... thanks for the props, yo.

The wife and I are DC-bound. We have a total yuppie apartment with a heated rooftop pool. goodbye Hippieland, hello Striverville.

Yes, please everybody — read my damn new blog. I promise it'll be fun. The other contributor, James P. Caldwell, is already putting me to shame.

I'll miss VT; some aspects, at least. I really enjoyed my time at 7D. But I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you're in great hands with Dan Bolles.