Sunday, May 20, 2007

Los Tres

Here's another nice find from listening to the KCRW Today's Top Tune podcast...Los Tres from Chile. It's not too often that you get any exposure to the Chilean indie music scene but I at least got a tiny slice of it from KCRW.

Los Tres was one of the first Chilean bands to hit it big in the 90's following the end of Pinochet's reign. It appears they broke up around 2000 but three of the four members reunited recently and released Hágalo Usted Mismo last July. The track below is from that album. It's a breezy bit of folk-based pop with a slight 70's feel to it. Is that a flute in the background making that fetching little horn sound? Plus, songs in Spanish sound cool.

Los Tres | Bestia | Buy

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