Monday, May 21, 2007

Champions League Finals | Liverpool vs AC Milan | UPDATE

This post is for the folks out there that follow the World Cup every four years and then fail to tune in for all the great matches in between.

If you enjoy watching those World Cup matches with all of their passion and flair, well, be sure to set your TIVO/VCR to record the Champions League Final on Wednesday before you leave for work. The match between Liverpool and AC Milan will be broadcast live from Athens on ESPN2. Pregame starts at 2pm with a 2:45pm kickoff. It's scheduled to run until 5pm but let the recording run until 6:30pm in case it goes to extratime or penalty kicks.

Here's why this match is important: In addition to playing in their regular national leagues, the top teams from the prior season also play in a year-long tournament against the top teams from other leagues across Europe. The best of the best. After eleven months of action, it's down to a one-game championship match for European bragging rights.

The other thing that makes this match worthwhile is that it's a repeat of the 2005 final which is possibly the most memorable final ever. AC Milan was favored and leading 3-0 at the half. Liverpool looked dead. However, The Reds rallied for three second half goals and won on penalty kicks. AC Milan was devastated and are now seeking revenge. Once again, AC Milan are favored.

That pretty much sets up the situation for you. Don't forget to set those recorders.

UPDATE: If you can stomach the insipid music, here's the highlights from AC Milan's 2-1 win.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Brazil's Kaka plays for Milan. I don't like Italian soccer and being an Argentina fan means I usually root against Brazil. With that said, I'm under the belief that Kaka is the best player in the world right now.