Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tokyo Sex Destruction

Come on. Admit it. With a name like Tokyo Sex Destruction, you're pretty curious what the hell these guys sound like. What if I told you they're from Spain and espouse the revolutionary philosophy of the Black Panther Party? Now, I bet you're really curious what the hell is going on with these guys. Well, go ahead and check out their brand a frantic 60's-influenced garage rock. I've been constantly digesting their album 5th Avenue South for the last week or so. It's a fun album.

By the way, because their brands of music would seem to gel with each other and I'd love to see both names on a marquee together, I'm hoping for a Tokyo Sex Destruction / Les Breastfeeders tour someday.

Tokyo Sex Destruction | One More Sunday | Buy
Tokyo Sex Destruction | Two More Years | Buy

The video for "One More Sunday"

The video for "Two More Years" (the sound is a bit muffled but it gives you a decent idea of their sound and look)

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