Thursday, April 19, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Higher Ground | Apr 12th

Seacrest: OK. First up tonight...Elvis Perkins in Dreamland.

Randy: Yo Yo Dog. What's happening tonight? Yo Dog, listen, you brought it tonight. It was a bit pitchy in spots but, you know, it was just a'right for me. I like what you're doing with the whole band thing. It works for me. Paula?

Paula: Elvis, you gave it up. You did your best. You smiled and had so much fun. You were wonderful. Simon?

Simon: Very good. I like the transition you're making from being a Dylan replica to a Neutral Milk Hotel replica. You just need to work more on finding your own sound and keep writing the good songs.

Seacrest: OK. Next up tonight...Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Randy: Yo Dog. [heavy sigh, head cocks to the side and hands start wiggling] It was a bit pitchy in spots, you know. Uh, in fact, it was actually pitchy the whole time. I don't know Dog. It didn't work for me. The runs were tight but I don't know if you care. You know what I mean, Dog? I don't know. It just wasn't a'right for me. Paula?

Paula: It's a tough night. I know you've been playing so much, you must be tired. You need to bring out that beautiful you and smile some more. Robbie's the only one smiling. I know you guys can do better.

Simon: Look. You can't charge Sonic Youth prices, start an hour late, look bored on stage and expect to have a career. You have very good songs that are fun to hear but you have to at least appear interested in playing for us. Robbie seems to want to be here. The rest of you need to talk to him some more. I've seen you do much better. Take some time off maybe.

Seacrest: Ooooh. Tough words from a little man. That's it for tonight. Seacrest out!


casey said...

Quite funny and informative.

Anonymous said...

you blew it out the box!