Thursday, May 10, 2007

Herman Düne

During my hiatus, I spent a lot of time spinning Herman Düne. I had never heard of the France-based Swedes and Swiss before a friend gave me a copy of their album Not On Top at the Clap Your Hands show last month. Since then I've been loving their vocals-driven folk-based multi-instrumental sound.

While they're new to me, they've been cranking out their brand of folk pop since 2000. They just haven't established a foothold in the American indie scene (despite living in NYC for a period of time). I find that a bit surprising since they remind me a lot of The Mountain Goats and Silver Jews who have certainly carved out their niche in the states.

Here's their video for "I Wish I Could See You Soon" off their latest album Giant, Very catchy song and a quirky enough video.

Their summer tour dates reads like a senior citizens bus trip through western Europe. Zero US dates. Perhaps that's why they don't have much of a presence here.

Herman Düne | Walk Don't Run | Buy
Herman Düne | Little Wounds | Buy

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