Thursday, May 10, 2007


Since I'm talking about bikes, I thought it would be worth a quick post to mention a new non-profit cooperative in Montpelier called FreeRide. It's all about bikes and opens this Saturday (89 Barre St.). You can read all about it in a nice article in Seven Days. There is also an article in the Times-Argus about FreeRide.

Here's how it works: they accept old donated bikes which they then refurbish and sell for a small amount based upon how much money you have to spend. You can also buy a membership for $30 a year which gets you all the bike repairs you need. The other option is to donate your time at the co-op which gives you the same benefits of a membership.

I love projects like this simply because they add to the community. Plus, I love seeing the freaky bikes people cruise around town on; like this one. Hopefully, FreeRide will foster more of those oddball bikes.

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