Monday, May 21, 2007

Junior Boys at Higher Ground April 8, 2007

Photo props go out to Rob at Found Drama
I attended the Junior Boys show a month and a half ago at Higher Ground with fellow bloggers Analog Giant, Found Drama, and Synaptic Clog. I really didn't know what to expect, as electronic music doesn't usually lend itself too well to live performance. It ended up being a great show, full of breathy vocals, big beats, and heaps of bleeps. The show lasted just less then an hour and contained 7 songs from their latest release, In The Morning, and 3 from their killer debut Last Exit.

I am fortunate to present you with great quality audio of the show. Below are the first four tracks, the rest will be provided over the next few days. This was my first time using the free program Audacity, which split up the tracks and let me throw out the chatter (I apologize to all who wished they could hear awkward banter about shoe sponsership, breakfast recommendations, and Phish references). Again, I'm super psyched about how good the quality came out.

Junior Boys Live at Higher Ground - April 8, 2007
1. Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs.mp3
2. Junior Boys - The Equalizer.mp3
3. Junior Boys - Teach Me How To Fight.mp3
4. Junior Boys - Like A Child.mp3

As always, if you are the artist, record company, or another person easily offended by these tracks being up, please contact me asap and I'll be happy to take them down. I share music because it makes the world a happier place, but if you ain't happy Papa ain't happy


Rob said...

Super-psyched to see these posted -- the sound quality is awesome!

My friend at the show was Creighton. You can find him here:

Also: I noticed that the download links have an errant trailing space in the URL. Trimming those off would help the download process a bit. (Firebug helped me prove it... ;-)


Flatlander said...


Thanks for the tip about the links. It's now fixed.

Creighton said...

yep, as Rob said, I'm Creighton.

It was a great show -- thanks for posting these!