Friday, May 18, 2007

Delta Spirit | Daytrotter Session

A month or two ago, I caught Delta Spirit opening for Cold War Kids and Tokyo Police Club and loved their set. It was chock full of passion, multi-percussion and immediately enjoyable melodies. Plus, I liked the lead singer's voice. However, I was disappointed in their EP, I Think I've Found It. It lacked all of the passion of their live set. It was mid-tier over-produced pop.

Flash forward to earlier this week when Daytrotter posted the four songs from Delta Spirit's Daytrotter session. The songs are more mellow than their live show was but the passion is back which makes for an entertaining session. One benefit of the mellower tunes is that they feature Matthew Vasquez' vocals a lot more.

You can download the songs for free here. I'd particularly recommend French Quarter and their cover of Paul Simon's Duncan.

There's also an article and interview with the band here. However, the real magic of their session are those recordings. It amazing how the folks at Daytrotter continue to pull nice recordings out of bands that have laid out flat and thin official releases. Perhaps someday there'll be a Daytrotter label.

If you're a gearhead, you'll also dig these videos from Gear Wire. The first two are interviews with engineer Paul Stolley where he explains all the equipment he uses for the Daytrotter sessions. The last video shows Delta Spirit performing French Quarter. One thought about the last video...that can of Miller in the middle of the soundboard between Stolley's arms looks like a recipe for disaster (or at least some sticky knobs).

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


Anonymous said...

wow, I am blown away by the song French Quarter.

The Daytrotter recording is so full of passion and is simply amazing, whereas the on the EP it is just lacking this power.

This band is so good, I caught them with TPC and CWK, they opened, and were simply amazing, definetely on level wiht the other two bands. I would go see them again for sure.

Flatlander said...

I completely agree.