Thursday, September 21, 2006

Woody Woodpecker

Check out what a pileated woodpecker has done to a tree in our backyard. This is the work of one woodpecker; not a team of woodpeckers with little woodpecker chainsaws.

There must be an endless supply of bugs in that old dead poplar tree. The damage is even more dramatic towards the top of the tree.

Check out all of the wood chips at the base of the tree. This bird is making some nice mulch for the garden. Seriously though, I think I better take the tree down myself before the woodpecker and a strong wind take it down for me. The top of the tree would probably reach my house if it fell our way.


b said...

that shit is crazy. can you record the sound it makes bug hunting? i'd actually love to hear it.

Flatlander said...

That's the scary part ot it. Despite the tree only being about 50 feet from the house, we haven't heard a thing. So, the wood must be very soft. That means the tree is really, really dead and susceptible to blowing over.

I think we are going to take it down ourselves and left Woody find a new bug buffet.