Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Tree of Life

When I was born, my parents planted a tree near their house in celebration of my arrival. The tree grew big. The tree grew strong. A tree to be proud of.

After last week, this is all that's left of the tree. They said it had gotten too big and threatened them.


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chad said...

Wow. You better watch out.

Flatlander said...

When I was in high school, every student had to write an essay for a time capsule that would be opened the next time Haley's Comet came by. Well, for my essay, I gave directions from the school to that tree and pointed out all of the landmarks along the way figuring all of the landmarks would have changed by then.

I never thought the final destination in my essay would be the first thing to go.

casey said...

That's rough. But did you see Bill's post over at Candleblog, in which he reveals his Dad's thoughts on his birth?

K. said...

Lol...too funny Murph.

cj howareya said...

If I were you I'd deeply suppress all your feelings about this, devoting yourself to an intense curriculum of self-taught chemistry, bioengineering, forestry and animatronics, eventually unleashing your gargantuan terra firma leviathan, Arbor-atron-zilla, upon an unsuspecting world, showing all those puny humans in the tree trimming industry how it feels to be cut down in the prime of their miserable little meaningless lives, while your parents look on and wonder How, oh, How, did their cherished son turn into such a technically accomplished if somewhat misguided evil genius.

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...


It is amazing the damn thing grew at all. It was planted in the shade and darn near underneath the deck. Must have been one of those hardy Vermont seeds.

VT Green