Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Hero Cycle | New Songs

Bradley's Almanac also tipped me off a few weeks ago to some new songs from The Hero Cycle. You can catch both of the tracks on their myspace site. Of the two tracks, I prefer "Lovers Crime". It has a bit of an Asobi Seksu sound to it but still in the same Hero Cycle vein. The petite female vocals and fuzzy guitar wall is what makes me think of Asobi Seksu.

They don't have any shows scheduled right now according to their website but I give them big props for cranking out 14 shows up and down the East Coast during the summer months. It's probably not easy to book out-of-town shows when you are an indie rock band from Burlington that hasn't released an album yet. So, I give them credit for pushing it.

The Hero Cycle | Lovers Crime

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casey said...

When I heard this track I said, "nice snare sound."

That's pretty geeky, I know.

PS; Thanks for helping me with that technological stuff today. I pride myself on my figure-it-out-ability, but was in no mood to wrassle with the interwebs.