Friday, September 22, 2006

The Contrarian's Podcast

My ass is dragging after a brutal week of work but I wanted to throw a quick post up here to direct people to a cool new podcast. Casey, the music editor at Seven Days and blogger of solidstate, has decided to combine his knowledge of audio engineering with his boffo music collection. The result is The Contrarian's Podcast and it's a great listen.

Ignore Casey's opening overly serious voiceover work. Thankfully, he reverts to a normal speaking voice throughout the rest of the podcast. The two things I dig about the podcast is the diversity of music and Casey's commentary on the songs.

Regarding the diversity, you get Funkadelic, The Pernice Brothers, Neil Haggerty, Travellin' Wilbury's, some SwedePop, early Cee-Lo and a bunch of other crap. I love listening to a good mix of stuff; particularly when the quality stays high.

You can read Casey's post about the podcast here.

And you can go over here to download the podcast.

One last comment, if you like soul, be sure to stick around for Ed Henry's "Crooked Woman" in the 48th minute. As soon as I heard it, I bought it on iTunes. It's one of those classic songs that generate impulse buys.


casey said...

Thanks for the props, and the tips! You helped make my first forays into podcasting much more fun and easy.

Flatlander said...

You're welcome. Glad the tips helped.

Now the tough part for you is maintaining the quality of that first podcast. Nobody wants to be the next Joe Charboneau.