Friday, September 29, 2006

Michigan Dogs

I had meant to post about Michigan Dogs all summer but never got around to it. However, the Hot Diggity Dog Plus cart should still be parked during lunch at the Christ Church pocket park for a few more weeks. So, there's still time to try a Michigan Dog if you haven't already.

What the hell is a Michigan Dog, you ask? Besides being a one-way ticket to a lifetime prescription for Lipitor, it's a large hot dog with spicy chili-flavored sauceless ground beef on top and wrapped in a steamed sesame roll. For obvious health reasons, I wouldn't suggest eating more than one a month, but, ooooh, that one is so damn good.

The key is the flavored but sauceless meat. I don't know what crazy bastard looked at a hot dog and thought to himself, "You know what that needs...some more meat on top!" but they were probably from Michigan and thank goodness for their "Nicola Tesla-like" inventiveness.

The other benefit of the hot dog cart is that it's cheap. For $3.75, you can enjoy a Michigan Dog and drink while hanging in the pocket park which is always prime people watching territory.


Morgan W. Brown said...

Flatlander wrote: For obvious health reasons, I wouldn't suggest eating more than one a month, but, ooooh, that one is so damn good.

Yikes, that means I am really risking it on those days I am so hungry and have enough money that I buy two of them for my lunch, sometimes more than once a month.

Hey, it is not like he is out there in cold of the Winter selling them ya' know and, so one must be ready for one long bear of a hibernation period of going without for all that time.


By the way, excellent post and photos!

Shane said...

Awesome. The Michigan is a great icon of the common heritage of Vermont and upstate NY. They are all over the place in the North Country, from big resturants like Gus' Red Hots in Plattsburg to the roadside hot dog carts like yours in Montpelier.

I have fond memories of eating Michigans for lunch in the summer while working in the Adirondacks. If you're ever in Lake Clear, the general store had some great ones 6 years ago.

Flatlander said...

Two at a time? Damn. I'm a big guy and am stuff after one. Impressive.

Shane, Thanks for the info. I had no idea they were a regional delicacy. I thought they were just some crazy thing the guy in Montpelier created. Thanks for the education.

Morgan W. Brown said...

Yeah, I happened to talk to Paul this afternoon (lately he has been staying out there past 2:00/2:30 PM to take avantage of the tour buses and the rest of the leaf peeping tourism crowd) and he mentioned to me that he intends to end of Friday. Don't know if he might change his mind or not, but that is what he volunteered to me anyway. Thus it looks like if people want to get a Michigan Dog or some of his other worthy offerings, they better do so soon, real soon.

Guess it was good I got two Michigans for a late lunch this afternoon while I still could do so, especially since they were most likely my last for the year.

Jay said...

They also have some good Michigan dogs in Burlington's Battery Park, next to the police station.

You're right about the Lipitor thing, though!