Wednesday, September 06, 2006

South End Art Hop

On Friday night, folks in the Burlington area are going to get a musical treat. Eleven bands under one roof (or, more accurately, on one patio) over the course of about seven hours.

It sounds a bit chaotic but also a lot of fun. I wouldn't put too much faith in the exact start times for all of these bands but here's the schedule:

4:30 Greg Davis
5:30 Hammer & Saw
6:00 Ryan Power
6:30 Home Items
7:00 Oak
7:30 Magic Sparkle
8:00 The Smittens
8:30 "Party Star"
9:00 The Cripples
9:30 Nest Material
10:00 The Cush

The shows will be at the Green Door Studio (corner of Pine and Howard St).

Of the bands on that lineup, I most want to see Greg Davis, Ryan Power, The Smittens, Nest Material and The Cush. Unfortunately, I'm planning on visiting my sister in Maine this weekend. However, if the weather looks crappy for Saturday and Sunday, I may reschedule for another weekend which would free me up for this show.

Part of my interest in this show is seeing how the bands will set-up their instruments, play their set and pack up in thirty minutes. Hell, it takes Nest Material thirty minutes to play just one song.

Casey has more about the musical portion of Art Hop in this week's Seven Days.

Another interesting part of Art Hop will occur on Saturday at 1pm. Gahlord DeWald and Bill Simmon of Candleblog fame will lead a discussion about blogging, podcasting and generally making good use of new web tools. The free workshop is aimed at artists and small business owners (but anyone can come). The workshop will be at Gahlord's studio (Thoughtfaucet) in the building on the corner of Howard and Pine streets (4 Howard St. -- Art Hop location #12).

Ryan Power | Heat Sleep | Buy
Greg Davis | I Never Met Her | Buy
Nest Material | The Ship Begins to... | Buy

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The Le Duo said...

hope you made it to the show...we pulled it off without a hitch, never getting more than 18 minutes off schedule- some of the bands sets were short (20 minutes or so) but it was great-

bands to watch out for:

home items
the cripples
"party star"