Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Esther's Mixtape Collective

Feel like swapping mixtapes (or CDs) with someone? How about someone random?

Well, Esther's Mixtape Collective may be the thing for you. Here's how it works: Make a mixtape on either tape or CD. Send it Esther. She'll listen to it and based upon your preferred style of music, she'll find a mixtape from someone else to send back to you. So, someone out there in the world will be listening to your mix while you enjoy (hopefully enjoy) some random person's mixtape.

The last thing I need these days is exposure to any more new music. I can barely wade through all of the crap I have these days. However, this might might be a fun experiment. So, I'm going to send off a mix of my favorite tunes from the last few months. Here's what I'm sending Esther:

The Little Ones | Cha Cha Cha
M. Ward | To Go Home
Mando Diao | Lady
Mates of State | Fraud In The 80's
The Morning After Girls | Straight Thu You
The Mugs | Firm Ground
PAS/CAL | Poor Maude
Phantom Buffalo | Killings Not Ok
Radiogram | Summer Song Summer
The Rance Allen Group | Lying On The Truth
Sambassadeur | Kate
Snowden | Anti - Anti
Sonic Youth | Reena
Super XX Man | Collecting Rocks
Team Band | If Rain (Sambassadeur cover)
Yo La Tengo | Beanbag Chair
Asobi Seksu | Thursday
Brent Gorton | Cuddlecore
The Essex Green | Don't Know Why (You Stay)
Lambchop | Smuckers

It'll be interesting to see what I get back.

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