Monday, September 18, 2006

Hear More Kale

Actually with a picture like that, I should have titled this post "See More Kale".

Anyone living in Central Vermont is aware of Bo Muller-Moore's Eat More Kale t-shirts. The guy is a local institution with his immediately recognizable and simple but artistic black ink t-shirts. I must have a dozen of them at this point.

Well, how many know of Bo's musical side? In addition to being a big music fan, Bo also makes instruments out of gourds, deer antlers, metal rakes and other non-traditional musical items. You can check them out at Riverwalk Records on State St. in Montpelier.

Now, Bo has busted loose with his own music recordings and posted them on his blog. The picture here of Bo though is misleading about his music. It isn't glam cock-rock or free-love hippie drivel. It's cool downtempo lounge electronica with nifty little vocal samples mixed in. I particularly dig the first track "The Arm That Swung the Stick" with its jew harp dancing with a bit of West African drumming and a speech clip about hatred. It works.

Overall, he did a nice job of mixing in a lot of cool little sounds around a main driving beat and vocals loop/clip. Positive Pie should have Bo do a DJ set there one night...assuming he's fully dressed, of course.

The rest of the tracks and Bo's story about how the recordings came to be can be found on his blog.

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Morgan W. Brown said...

Good post.

Did not know about the instruments he made or that they were available over at Riverwalk Records either. Will have to check them out. Appreciate the heads up. Thank you.