Monday, September 22, 2008

The Dodos | Coming to Dartmouth | Oct 3

Existing in the gap between Americana and freak folk, The Dodos are palatable for people who are bored with the graybeards in the coffee shop and befuddled by Animal Collective. Or in other words, me.

jds introduced me to their album Visiter [sic] earlier this year and I've enjoyed it each time I've played it. It doesn't blow me away but whenever I hit play, it makes me wonder why I don't listen to it more often.

Next month, the San Francisco duo will be playing at the Fuel Rocket Club at Dartmouth College. The show is on Fri Oct 3. In the past, we've been told that shows at Dartmouth are not open to non-students. However, I went to see Parts & Labor there last spring and nobody said boo to me. The only thing I'd caution about is the start times. Things are relaxed at the club so while they say things get going around 10pm, expect to hear music closer to 11pm. Once again, the upside is that the shows there are free. Zero bucks to hear a band like The Dodos is always a good deal.

The Dodos | Joe's Waltz | Buy

The Dodos | Jodi | Buy

photo courtesy of Leia Jospe

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Sam Dixon said...

You should really check out the band that is opening for them Au, they are actually much better than the Dodos. rr vs. d is probably my favorite track so far this year.