Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Miracle Fortress + Ryan Power | Sept. 12 | Burlington

Tick Tick has another sweet show set for this week. I'm going to try everything I can to get to this one. Friday for me is shaping up like this: Vespa to a full day in the office -> fried dough, ferris wheel ride, and horse pulls at the 137th Tunbridge World's Fair -> cruise back across the state to catch the magnificent Miracle Fortress. It'll be full, but totally worth it.

5 Roses, by Montreal's Miracle Fortress, was my 2007 "headphones album of the year." It is a sweet, succulent, and complex  album that hits the Brian Wilson Pet Sounds sound better then most Elephant 6 bands. Song by song it is good, but the album as a whole rewards those that relax and hear it in full. Miracle Fortress will follow local hero Ryan Power. Here are the specifics and bio:

Miracle Fortress + Ryan Power | Sept. 12 | 5th Element (bottom of Battery St) | Burlington

Show starts at 9 pm
$5-10 donation at the door

Blending dreamy, atmospheric noise pop with Brian Wilson-style psychedelia, Miracle Fortress formed in 2005 as the solo project of Think About Life's Graham Van Pelt. He self-released Miracle Fortress' first EP, Watery Grave, that year, and went on to release his debut full-length, Five Roses, two years later. Adam Waito (Telefauna), Jessie Stein (SS Cardiac), and Jordan Robson-Cramer rounded out the lineup for the project's live show.

Miracle Fortress | Maybe Lately  | Buy

Miracle Fortress | Have You Seen in Your Dreams | Buy


r said...

hey great site! here are some fun facts on that Miracle Fortress photo, in case yer interested: that photo was taken by Marilis Cardinal. The show was at Friendship Cove and it was one of the very first times they played together live as a band. It was for the closing party of an Indyish art relay event. Adam Waito (front and center in the photo) still plays and writes with Miracle Fortress but also has a new project called Adam and The Amethysts that I think you might like/love madly:

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