Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apples to iPods Contest

Same contest as last year. Go apple picking in one of VT's 24 orchards, find a wooden apple and you win an iPod Nano, Shuffle or Touch from Small Dog Electronics. It's that easy. And in a worst case scenario, you go home with a bunch of fresh apples.

We gave it a try this weekend at Liberty Orchard in Brookfield. You can find a list of all the participating orchards here.

The lady at the gate said that the wooden apples are not painted and are brown. I looked while picking but all I saw was real apples.

No luck. However, as I said above, we still took home a bushel of sweet crisp apples. Now we just have to find a bunch of recipes for apple dishes. How does apple jelly sound?

Oh, and the other upside is getting to spend an hour wandering around a picturesque landscape on a sunny fall afternoon. The iPod is completely unnecessary for it to be a good day.

One last note about apples. The honeycrisp apples are now at the farmer's market. Just a freakishly good apple. The best.

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