Thursday, September 11, 2008

iTunes Survey #2

Flatlander did the following iTunes survey in February '06. I didn't have an iPod or even iTunes at that time. I'm finally up to speed (I joined the Apple revolution about a year ago) and am putting my hat in the ring.

How many songs: 5,336

Sort by song
First Song: "A-Punk" - Vampire Weekend
Last Song: “Zoothorns” - HEALTH

Sort by time
Shortest Song: “Here Come the ABC's” (0:11) - They Might Be Giants
Longest Song: “Confusion” (25:37) - Fela Kuti
(not including podcasts or speeches)

Sort by artist
First Artist: A.C. Newman
Last Artist: Zeigeist

Sort by album
First Album: À Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant - Destroy All Dreamers
Last Album: Ys - Joanna Newsom

Top Three Most Played Songs:
1. “Just A Boy” - Angus & Julia Stone (18 times)
2. “Only as the Day Is Long” - Sera Cahoone (18 times)
3. “Heard Them Stirring” - Fleet Foxes (15 times)

First song that comes up on Shuffle:
“Pedestal” by Portishead

Search ….
“sex”, how many songs come up? 19
“death”, how many songs come up? 36
“love”, how many songs come up? 208
“you”, how many songs come up? 538

Angus & Julia Stone | Just a Boy | Buy

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