Monday, September 22, 2008

Anarchist Candy

As if the world needs further proof that VT is a bit different, Saturday saw the grand opening of a new pair of stores in downtown Montpelier. The old location of Paseo Shoes is now occupied by the unique combination of Black Sheep Books and Delish. That's now have one stop shopping for your anarchist books and gummy bears.

All oddities aside, we stopped by Delish this weekend and enjoyed it. There's a nice selection of candy (including the VT requisite organic candies) and it seemed fairly priced. In fact, I was expecting to pay more than what our final bill came to. They still have some space to fill in with more bulk candy and they need a counter; the scale was balanced unstably upon the curved top of the glass case which may be why our cost came in lower than expected. However, it's nice to have a place in town to grab some treats. We've been missing that ever since the Country Store closed four years ago.

Speaking of candy stores, we were recently in NYC and got to check out Economy Candy down on Rivington St. Extrawack! had tipped me off to the place and it was the perfect antidote to the upscale uptown Dylan's Candy Bar. For all the fanciness of Dylan's, Economy Candy comes hard with it's no-frills approach. Just a huge selection of candy piled up everywhere; warehouse style. It feels downtown. Plus, it's cheaper. The kids say they still prefer Dylan's but kids are always drawn to flash.

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