Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Dodos

Do you like the whole communal lo-fi "freak folk" stuff that's swirling around these days, ala Akron/Family and Yeasayer? Might I suggest The Dodos (MySpace). A San Francisco duo that hit a bit mellower then A/F, but insert plenty of heavy bleeding heart lyrics, blues based, finger picking, hard strumming, and tastes of african drumming into the mix. Here's a pretty darn good description from the Houston Press: 

San Francisco-based singer/guitarist of psych-folk-pop duo Dodos hones the callings of free-spirited, unhinged acts like Animal Collective, the music he makes with drummer Logan Kroeber embodies a spirit of its own. Long's light, ephemeral finger play on the acoustic guitar is fast, warm and focused, resonating under his refined lyrical hopscotch... Add Kroeber's stomping tom-and-tambourine backbeat, which recalls the Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker, and that amounts to one shit-kicking good time.

No matter the written word, I've really been digging their second full length, Visiter (released on 3/18). Their label, Frenchkiss Records, has the whole thing up for stream. Another way to get a taste is via their recent Daytrotter performance. Check'em on April 8th at Montreal's Le Divan Orange.

The Dodos | Jodi | Buy

The Dodos | Red and Purple | Buy

The Dodos | Walking | Buy

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