Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

If you haven't played around with Yearbook Yourself, give it a whirl. Stupid silly fun.

Basically, you upload a picture of yourself, or in this case Bonnie Prince Billy, and then the software shows you what you might have looked like in a yearbook book photo from various years going back to the early 50's.

Bonnie Prince Billy almost resembles Richard Branson in his 1956 yearbook photo. And the "butt cut" from '88 makes his cheeks look even more "squirrel-like" than usual.

Speaking of the Prince, if you haven't picked up his latest studio album Lie Down in the Light, stop reading this stupid blog and go get it. So beautiful.

Bonnie Prince Billy | Easy Does It | Buy

1 comment:

chad said...

He looks like Dave Grohl in the 1976 picture.