Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Smittens | The Coolest Thing About Love

Reason #487 Why I'm a Sucky Blogger: The Smittens' The Coolest Thing About Love came out a month ago and I've yet to post about it. I even got a copy of it a few weeks prior to its release which gave me plenty of time to fall in love with it and I still failed to sing its praises.

Here's why this is such a mistake...this is a blog about VT music and it's one of the best releases by a VT band this year. In fact, I should have ignored the VT qualifier. It's just a good album and a must for any lover of twee and pop.

The blogosphere went gaga earlier this year for fellow popsters Magnetic Fields' Distortion. However, I'd contend that if you loved Magnetic Fields' earlier work, you'd prefer The Coolest Thing About Love to Distortion. It's truer to the genre of fun bubbly pop melodies with an undercurrent of meloncholy lyrics. Distortion is an interesting diversion to MF's sound. However, The Smittens' new LP will keep your head bopping and heels swinging a lot longer.

The Smittens | The Interstate | Buy

The Smittens | One Hundred Roses | Buy

By the way, here is a live performance of "One Hundred Roses" from a show last year at The Firehouse Gallery.


Tanner M. said...

some of my favorite peeps. can't wait to hear this one!

Cialis said...

hahaha that picture reminds me one I have with my family, it's so similar. BTW, I'll be so glad if you do something to repair the video, cuz I can't play it.