Friday, May 30, 2008

Wye Oak is beautiful

Wye Oak 

  1. If Children (Merge)
  2. A 460 year old tree in Baltimore
  3. earnest folk-influenced indie rock with touches of noise and dream-pop
  4. vocal trade
  5. a humble rollercoaster
  6. the Byrds without acid or English shoegaze without the suggestion of French kissing
  7. bulletproof innocence
  8. grandeur
  9. like a Merge incarnate birthed 10 years late: mixed-sex; Mid-Atlantic; pretty without sounding porcelain
  10. Wye Oak + Pontiak | 6.8.08 | The Monkey House

Wye Oak | Warning | Buy

Wye Oak | Family Glue | Buy


Flatlander said...

I'm loving this Wye Oak album. Another great find for Merge. Unfortunately, I'll be in Chicago that night for work. I'm trying to catch Mark Kozelek that night though at some school in Chicago. So, it isn't a complete loss.

Casey said...

Yes, really lovely record. Baltimore has the hot hand right now.