Thursday, May 01, 2008

Big Heavy World Survey

Big Heavy World, the Burlington non-profit that promotes VT music, is conducting a short survey of musicians, fans, club owners and BHW members. The purpose is to gauge the impact of live music in VT and ask for suggestions to help the scene.

So, if you have a few minutes, go fill out their survey.

My suggestion was to allow Vermont musicians to not pay any state taxes on the first $60,000 in income that they earn from copyright royalties and live performances. Canada has that law in their tax code and it's hard to argue with the thriving music scene north of the border.

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Anonymous said...

$60,000 seems kind of ridiculous in a state where the majority of the music venues are "tips only, we might give you some food and maybe some 1/2 price beer... maybe"
long live the monkey house which is, I believe, the only straight door to the band venue in VT. If somebody knows another I would love to know.