Thursday, May 22, 2008

The New Year | Album Teaser

Warning: The US Surgeon General warns that this teaser for The New Year's new album may cause seizures and fits. It's best to watch it with your fingers over your face like this.

Seriously, I was fortunate enough to get to listen to the new album twice recently. And as I've posted elsewhere, it's a hell of an album. In fact, the first four songs are the strongest opening to an album I've heard since The National dropped Boxer on us a year ago. There's more piano on the album and it doesn't get as loud as often as their earlier albums did but they still exhibit that classic Bedhead/New Year ability to slowly build a song such that you're rocking back and forth and hanging on each new beat and note. Plus, they do still get really loud on a few tracks including the closer which I fully plan on blowing out my car speakers on this September.

But we have to wait until September 8 for the goodness and loveliness of it all.

In the meantime though, Matt and Bubba Kadane of The New Year and Bedhead fame will be touring this summer with Bottomless Pit. Excellent double-bill. The tour will hit Boston on Saturday, July 12 and Montreal on Sunday, July 13. I'm not sure which I'm going to hit but it's easily my most anticipated show of the summer at this point.

The New Year | Age of Conceit | Buy

Bedhead | Liferaft | Buy

Bottomless Pit | Dogtag | Buy

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