Monday, May 12, 2008

Montpelier Naked Bike Ride | June 7

I'm way too much of a prude to participate in this but, it's for a good cause. So, for the folks that are willing to ride around town naked for a while, circle June 7 on your calendar.

The Montpelier Naked Bike Ride will roll around town "an oil-consumption protest and a body-positive event". According to their site, being naked in town isn't illegal; only the act of disrobing in public is illegal. Plus, it looks like they worked with the police department to layout the bike route. Therefore, I'm guessing the police department is on-board with it.

Here's a good tip from their website:

If you elect to ride completely naked, keep in mind that there might be some articles of clothing or equipment that you do need to wear (e.g., shoes, a helmet, etc.). The weather is still unpredictable in June, so be prepared for anything. It is also a good idea to carry on your person or on your bike some light articles of clothing that you can jump right into if you need to. Accidents, flat tires, and thrown chains do happen, and it's never fun to have to remedy these problems in the nude.

Here's another one:

It is very difficult to prevent people who watch this event from snapping photos and taking video. These people may be members of the press or they may not. They may be people known to you, or they may not. Images of you could end up anywhere, from the newspaper, to television, to the Internet (including this Web site and others), to someone's "private collection." If you have any concerns about this, please carefully consider your participation in the WNBR.

Like having your ass hanging out on False 45th.


Jaime said...

Yeah this is way more daring than the drunken late night naked bike ride hundreds of UVM students do on the last day of classes each semester. gotta love montpelier

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