Saturday, May 10, 2008

The New Year | End's Not Near

Judging from the movement of the sun in this video, it took less than fifteen minutes to shoot this video. However, it then took about another two years to finish the video for unknown reasons. Regardless, it's sweet to have a new video from The New Year.

Due to the local residence of the band's bass player, Mike Donofrio, Vermont has at least a partial claim to The New Year. Hey, VT isn't Brooklyn. We'll take partial claims to top shelf bands.

The New Year has a new self-titled album due in September with long tours of the US and Europe to follow. It has a bit more piano on it but still has their classic progressive building tunes and gets really friggin' loud at parts. New Year fans will love it.

The New Year | End's Not Near | Buy

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Anonymous said...

Cool song. Kinda funny but I thought this was Band of Horses' song. Both versions are great though!