Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Ruby Suns & Menomena Photos

Sam Dixon, of ego, ego, ego, hit the Capstan Shafts, Ruby Suns and Menomena show last night at Middlebury College has kindly sent over some photos of the show. jds and I will have our post up on the show in a day or so but these are some sweet shots so I thought I'd throw them up right away. Unfortunately, Sam got to the show after The Capstan Shafts set but jds got some nice shots of Dean Wells at work.

Many thanks to Sam for sending these over. You can check out more of Sam's photos over on BIOMUSICOSOPHY.

Note: If any reader gets good shots at a show, please send them over and we'll gladly post them. Thanks.

The Ruby Suns



Peter said...

Uuuugh... so angry I missed this. However, I will see the Ruby Suns tomorrow night with Foals

kingdomforavoice said...

We always stay with friends when we are in Paris, if you ask me a year from now i'll probably be really helpful.

Peter said...

I forgot to bring my camera to the Foals show! But them as well as the Ruby Suns were incredible! The Breaking In, not so much.

Peter said...

And flatlander, I'm headed out to Sasquatch! Music Festival in a few weeks, I'll gladly send some pictures your way when I get back.

Flatlander said...

Excellent. Enjoy the show and please send over the shots you get. If you feel like writing a review of the festival, I'd gladly post it.