Thursday, May 01, 2008


Former front man for Deep Soda (and contributor to the F45 Year End Music Survey), Michael Nordstrom, has entered the blogosphere. What topic did he tackle? Well, if you guessed a monster named Garamon from the 60's Japanese TV show Ultraman, then you are correct.

From his blog, here's his explanation for what sparked his passion:

As I stood up and was about to walk away, another figure caught my eye- somehow, I had missed it in my first pass. I took it off the peg and held it for a close look. Of all the bizarre kaiju biodiversity I had taken in during the half hour prior, for whatever reason, this one really hit home. I just loved it, from the first. Autumnal colors sprayed onto dark grey vinyl, accentuating weird, leaf-like scales all over its body? Wow. Gaunt, heavy-browed face with a wide, fish-mouthed frown…it seemed to radiate quiet monster-belligerence. Then there were its…appendages…stubby, elbowless arms that grew straight out of the chest, ending in elongated, thumbless “hands”. All of these elements really drew me in, but there was also something much more, something I couldn’t even articulate. I knew I had found a new fave monster. My intrigue level was through the roof, too- who was this guy, and what was his story?

You'd think it would be tough to maintain a blog on such a detailed subject but he's already up to ten posts in his first week of blogging.

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