Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Arcade Fire Tracks

Three weeks ago, I was marveling at how well Arcade Fire and Merge Records were keeping the lid on tracks from their upcoming album Neon Bible. Well, now three tracks have leaked and it's threatening to become a flood.

I posted about "Intervention" last month. Now, Obscure Sound has posted "Black Mirror" and Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits has "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" (as well as "Black Mirror" also). However, if you are reading this on Monday, I wouldn't be surprised if the links are already down at the request of the band.

If the links are dead, you can stream "Black Mirror" by following these directions (courtesy of Greg at The Pages Within): Go to Arcade Fire's site. Click on Win's section. Then click on Win's scrapbook and finally, click on the goofy-ass picture of the band that appears. Then the song will play.

You can also watch this peculiar video by Richard Reed Parry that tells you about Neon Bible and plays clips from various songs.

The release date for Neon Bible is slated for March 6th. Here is the tracklisting:

1. Black Mirror
2. Keep The Car Running
3. Neon Bible
4. Intervention
5. Black Wave / Bad Vibrations
6. Ocean of Noise
7. The Well & The Lighthouse
8. Antichrist Television Blues
9. Windowsill
10. No Cars Go
11. My Body Is A Cage

"No Cars Go" was also on their debut EP. However, I'm guessing this will be a different version of the tune. It's a standard of their live show and they performed a different version of the tune back in 1995 for a White Session broadcast on French Radio. The strings are more prominent and the pace is quicker.

Arcade Fire | No Cars Go (White Session) | Buy

Photo courtesy of jessiqua.


Anonymous said...

It looks like that Arcade Fire pic is from the Sasquatch Festival in 2005. Sweet - I was at that show.


Anonymous said...

"... and they performed a different version of the tune back in 1995" ? 2005 ?

Flatlander said...

Whoops. Thanks for catching the typo. I'll fix it tonight.

Anonymous said...

the video for black wave/bad vibrations is at youtube.

Flatlander said...

Unfortunately, it appears the video has already been taken down.

a.shoe said...

i've seen a number of blog posts about the goofy infomercial style ad for 'neon bible' on the band's page in which the speaker purports to be "juno award winning guitarist richard reed parry." in reality, the voice is of win's younger brother will butler, who you have pictured here with parry at the top of this entry. yep, will is a hilarious fellow, and i can imagine this was a personal joke of his. don't expect it to make any sense.