Thursday, January 04, 2007

Top Ad Tunes

One of the more interesting year end lists is the one from; a blog dedicated to music in commercials. It's their Top Ad Music of 2006.

I used to get annoyed when bands would allow their music to be used in a commercial. However, I've softened a lot over the last few years. Now, I understand what a windfall these ads can be for the musicians and what that money means to them, their family and financial security. I still think its a crappy thing for a rich successful band like Led Zeppelin to sell their souls to Cadillac. But I'm going to cut Regina Spektor and her ilk some slack when its the difference between health insurance and going without.

Here are the commercials for a few of AdTunes' Top Ad Music of 2006:

Regina Spektor for XM Radio

The Go! Team for Honda Civic

Röyksopp for Geico

You can buy all of the tunes in their list from this site on iTunes.


Bob F. said...

No wonder I never hear Regina Spektor on Sirius!

Michael K. said...

Hey, I heard Regina Spektor for the first time on Sirius!

What, no "Outback Steakhouse Pinned To The Mist and Other Games"?

Flatlander said...

The weird thing is that I never saw any of those ads. I think I saw the caveman ad but I don't remember hearing Röyksopp. I wonder if there was an alternate version.