Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Goals

Have you ever been curious what it would look like if a 6'7" guy did a flying scissor kick to score? It turns out it looks pretty sweet. I don't like Peter Crouch but this is a heck of a goal.

Lots of folks are raving about Canadian youngster David Edgar's big goal against Man United this weekend. However, I think he got a bit lucky with a deflection. James Milner's goal to open scoring seemed like a more pure strike.

Lastly, someone put together a nice compilation of the best goals from all of the major European leagues for the first half of the 06/07 season. Nice video but they forgot Angulo's bomb from two weeks ago.


jds said...

I can't listen to the soundtrack to the comp video without thinking of the direct to video released trilogy classic, American Pie: Band Camp.

Flatlander said...

I've yet to find a soccer highlights package set to music where I actually like the music. I wish they would just leave the anno9uncers commentary on the clips.