Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Latest Novel

There aren't too many bands names more pretentious than My Latest Novel. If Stephen Colbert called The Decemberists "hyper-literate prog rock", wait till he gets a hold of My Latest Novel. But enough about their name.

They hail from outside of Glasgow and are being called the Arcade Fire of Scotland. Although, they are too folky for that title. Arcade Fire rocks much harder than these Scots. However, they do have a warm weighted Celtic sound. So, since they are from Scotland, let's call them a cross between Arab Strap and Belle & Sebastian.

Their debut album, Wolves, came out last fall and I've been enjoying its chamber folk sounds. A lot of bloggers have been hailing their standout epic tune "Sister Sneaker Sister Soul" with its slow massive build to a sonic flury. However, while it is a good tune, it isn't really representative of the album. The tunes below give a better sense of the album.

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Here's the video for "Pretty In a Panic":


Tristesse said...

This was my album of the year and 'Wrongfully, I rested' was my song of the year. It's nice (actually, it's fantastic) to see the band getting some attention outside of Greenock/Glasgow. I saw them play twice this year and each time they hit the dizzy heights - live the sound just *sparkles*...


T. Glasgow.

PS, Agree with you re; the folk nature of their sound. It's something I know they are proud of.

Flatlander said...

If they did a full US tour, I think they'd get a lot of attention over here. It's a fairly accessible and popular sound.