Monday, December 18, 2006

New Arcade Fire Song | UPDATE

I've been surprised that no songs from Arcade Fire's next album hasn't leaked. However, that ended when the BBC played a track called "Intervention" from the new album. Someone ripped it from the broadcast and it's now available on You Ain't No Picasso. Go and get it.

It's a great friggin' track and if the rest of the album matches the quality of this tune, it'll be a killer sophmore release.

UPDATE: As k noted in the comments, you can hear the version of "Intervention" that Arcade Fire did for KCRW over on Gorilla vs Bear. And you can watch the video of that KCRW recording over on Kingdom for a Voice.

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k. said...

you can get the kcrw version of this track from GvB too if you are interested Brian. under process of elimination arcade fire and mmj are slowly becoming some of the few indie bands i can tolerate anymore...i am loving the newsom album however.