Monday, January 01, 2007

BenoÎt Pioulard

With a name like that and that photo, you probably think I'm writing about some dark brooding artsy dude from the Montmartre district in Paris. However, BenoÎt Pioulard is actually some experimental pop guy from Ann Arbor, MI. His given name is Thomas Meluch and he writes gorgeous pop songs that feature all sorts of electronic sounds and field recordings over poppy acoustic folk songs. In fact, he reminds me of an uptempo version of Burlington's Greg Davis.

In October, BenoÎt Pioulard released his debut full-length album PrÉcis (what's the deal with the random capitalization? Is that the next step in the e.e. cummings thought process?). The best way to enjoy his stuff is with headphones. His songs weren't doing it for me until I started listening to them with my earbuds. It's only then I appreciated all of the subtle layers of sound he had built. The base strumming of his songs is tight but common. It's those other sounds flowing above, under and around his guitar playing that makes me love it so.

He doesn't have any tour dates scheduled right now but he plays around Ann Arbor occasionally. So, if you happen to be spending the next five months in Ann Arbor, you may want to keep an eye on his website and myspace site for show info.

BenoÎt Pioulard | Triggering Back | Buy
BenoÎt Pioulard | Palimend | Buy
BenoÎt Pioulard | The Seedling (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy cover) | Unreleased

Here is his video for "Triggering Back". It has an "art student" feel to it but you could almost set anything to this song and it would be cool.


casey said...

If anyone cares, here's my two cents on Pioulard.

Flatlander said...

Nice review. It sounds like we largely agree on the album.

David said...

Nice way of directing that post to me. Unfortunately, I will be spending some time around Ann Arbor but fortunately there are those around here who are younger than I to spend time with.
I have 'plans' tonight but plan on checking this guy out soon.

Flatlander said...

What are you talking about? I was refering to all of the U of Mich students.