Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Free Sand

This is a public service announcement for folks in Montpelier.

Now that we have snow back on the ground, I thought I'd tip everyone off to a little known town freebie. If your driveway is a bit slippery, you can get free sand and salt mix from the Public Works Garage. Every resident is allowed two five gallon buckets full of the stuff each day.

The Public Works Garage is just past the Water Treatment Plant on Dog River Road across from the Little League baseball fields. As soon as you enter the gates, you'll see the pile of sand straight ahead with a shovel sticking out of the pile. About 50% of the time, they come out and ask to see you driver's license to verify you live in Montpelier. So, don't get any funny ideas, you Middlesex folks.

It's a good cheap way of keeping your your walkways safe.

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