Saturday, July 02, 2005

Video - Radiohead's Creep (acoustic)

Back in the mid-90's, Radiohead had a radio-friendly hit with their tune "Creep". I guess at some point they also did an acoustic version of the tune (oh, those unplugged 90's). Well, a web designer named Laith Bahrani loved the song and hated his job. So, as therapy and a release from his job, he spent three months of his personal time creating an animated video for the tune. He hadn't been commissioned by Radiohead to do it. It was just his thing to do (kind of like Richard Dreyfus and his tower of mashed potatoes in Close Encounters).

Well, the final product is a damn cool video. Laith got so much praise for the video (although he didn't hear anything from the band), that he quit his job and started Monkeehub animation ( Monkeehub created a series called Low Morale based upon the character in the Creep video and now MTV has bought some of the episodes of Low Morale. The moral of the story: I have no friggin' idea but it's a cool video.

See Video Here

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