Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Beginning

There is a general sense that the first post on a blog should be a grand foundation that all future post are built upon. However, that would require more prep work and brain power than I'm willing to put into this. So, let's just get it rolling.

The name of the blog is False 45th which is a reference to the erroneous border between Vermont and Canada. The Treay of Paris at the end of The Revolutionary War stated that the border should lie along the 45th parallel. However, the surveyors who laid out the border screwed up and now the actual border is a few miles north of the 45th parallel. So, Vermonters got a little extra elbow room out of the deal.

False 45th will mainly deal with music. I like music and discussing it. So, I'll use this as a forum to share the tracks I find on other blogs or band websites. Occasionally, there'll be a post about soccer, gardening, Montpelier or whatever caught my attention that day. However, most of it will be about music. I hope you enjoy it.

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Christine said...

Not the Revolutionary War... the French and Indian War...