Thursday, July 28, 2005

Woven Hand

Woven Hand used to be a side project for David Eugene Edwards. However, since the break-up of 16 Horsepower earlier this year, it's his main gig now.

Edwards puts together some dark, intense tunes with a collage of southern folk instrumentals supporting his commanding (almost preaching) vocals. Sometimes it can feel overly heavy-handed but the beauty and melody of the tunes allow you to dismiss such things.

Woven Hand's most recent album (Nov 2004), Consider the Birds, contains the spectactular track "Sparrow Falls". However, as an overall album, I prefer their self-titled 2003 release. The track, "The Good Hand", below is from that album.

By the way, props to the fine gentleman who writes the (unofficial but appropriately titled) 16 Horsepower blog who introduced me to them last year.

If you live in the US and want to see them live, you missed them. They just finished touring here. But if you live in Paredes de Coura, Portugal you're in luck.

Aug 11 Freiburg, DE
Aug 12 Salzburg, AT
Aug 13 Ljubljana, SI
Aug 14 Wien, AT
Aug 15 Budapest, HU
Aug 18 Paredes de Coura, PT
Aug 19 Amsterdam, NL
Aug 20 Copenhagen, DK
Aug 21 Arhus, DK
Aug 22 Hamburg, DE
Aug 23 Dresden, DE
Aug 24 Berlin, DE
Aug 25 Hannover, DE
Aug 27 Oudenaarde, BE
Aug 28 Zwolle, NL

Woven Hand - Sparrow Falls
Woven Hand - The Good Hand


Nico said...

Thanks for pimping me and the band. I've recently thought I should change the name of my blog because it might confuse people into thinking it's about the band. I just liked the sound of '16 Horsepower' though, so I went with it.

Flatlander said...

But if I remember correctly, you have had posts about 16HP in the past. Are those posts still in the archives?