Thursday, July 21, 2005

Giant Sand

Giant Sand is bascially the project of Howe Gelb. Over Giant Sand's two decades, musicians have come and gone but Gelb continued on with his unique brand of folksy tunes with an artsy southwestern feeling. As I mentioned ealier, the fellows from Calexico were once part of the band and Gelb was instrumental in getting M. Ward going in his career. While Giant Sand's songs are as immediately accessible as those other artists, his album Chore of Enchantment is one of the best albums of the last five years.

This fall, Giant Sand is dropping another album on us (geez, it is going to be crazy this fall with all of the highly anticipated new albums due to hit the shelves). Thankfully, the blog songs: illinois has a few advanced tracks for us to chew over until the leaves start dropping.

Giant Sand - AAAA1
Giant Sand - Bottom of the Barrell (my preferred track)

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