Friday, July 15, 2005


They're named after a border town in California and they're sound is perfect for a midnight drive along an empty highway to that town.

Calexico was started by Joey Burns (guitar, vocals) and John Convertino (drums). The two spent some time playing in other bands including Giant Sand before creating their own band in the mid-90's. Depending on how many mariachis are playing with them, the size of the band will rise and fall but, in general, it's a pretty crowded stage.

They can crush you with sparing mellow instrumental pieces or shake your feet with the full force of mariachi-fueled multi-language rockers. Incredible range for a band.

Calexico - Alone Again Or
Calexico - Ballad of Cable Hogue (French version)

Video - Crystal Frontier (the link downloads a zipped copy of the video; you'll need winzip to unzip the file)

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