Sunday, July 17, 2005

Positive Pie 2

Two of Montpelier's biggest shortcomings just got resolved with the grand opening of Positive Pie 2. Prior to Thursday debut of the cool new restaurant / club, the pizza sucked here and there wasn't a venue to draw in national acts.

After the State Street Market closed last winter, the owner of the original Positive Pie ("Carlo") in Plainfield, VT, leased the large store front and spent the last few months converting it into the coolest dining space in town. The menu seems to have expanded from the original place but the key is that the pizza is just as good in the new place. True NYC-style pizza. Not the shallow-dish crap the other places in town serve out of those rolling conveyor pizza ovens.

The dining space also inlcudes a stage and DJ booth hanging over the room. Carlo, who promotes shows through 1lb. Productions, plans on bringing in national acts; not just the local coffee house troubadours we normally see around here.

For the debut show on Friday night, Inspectah Deck (formerly of Wu-Tang Clan) performed at Positive Pie 2. Not being a hip-hop fan, I didn't go to the show but talking to others it sounded like a good show. It was sold-out inside with another 25 people on the sidewalk enjoying the show.

So far, other shows haven't been announced but I have high hopes for some fun nights ahead. It would be so nice to be able to see a show a mile from my house rather than trucking 40 minutes to Burlington (or further to other cities).

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